About the Program

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The Overcomer’s Program is a Residential Recovery Facility providing counseling, family reunification and complete restoration of individuals suffering from destructive addictions and behaviors. We provide recovery assistance and support to men and women over the age of 18 in Sacramento, CA, serving the Central Valley Region.

The Program provides a safe, secure environment that promotes physical, mental, spiritual and social health through practical, proven rehabilitation methods provided by professionals dedicated to returning residents to productive, healthy lives. The 1 – 2 year program includes 40 hours a week of comprehensive classroom instruction, to include anger management, group therapy, life skills, leadership training, relapse prevention, self-esteem development and more. Also included is work therapy, designed to re-build the work ethic and instill a sense of responsibility for a sustainable future of self-sufficiency.


Our History

The Overcomer’s Program was initially established by the Calvary Christian Center in 1995. It was founded as an outreach ministry to serve those challenged by alcohol and drug abuse, spousal and sexual abuse, homelessness and other such life challenges that require outside, professional support to overcome.

In order to further develop and expand the program to serve the greater Central Valley Region, the non-profit Bridge Foundation of northern California effectively assumed operation of the program in the fall of 2008. The Bridge Foundation’s bold commitment to this currently secular program has enabled us to empower individuals, and to help guide them to full, sustainable and purpose-filled lives.